11 Cancer Causing Products Which Are Found in Your Home!


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Technology has no doubt progressed to the point of introducing several new food items into our kitchens. At home too, we have access to a variety of wonder products in the field of cosmetics and household consumer products. But did you ever stop and wonder about the chemicals that go into manufacturing such items? What about the byproducts and their side-effects?

You’ll be surprised to know that some of your common household products contain potent and harmful toxins as a result of their genetically modified manufacturing processes. That can cause a number of diseases, including cancer. Here are the top 11 household products that cause cancer.

1Whole Milk

Processed and manufactured whole milk off the shelves will feature a label full of nutritional data, but here’s what they won’t tell you that it contains:

  • Antibiotics: liable to cause allergies, disease resistance and may be carcinogenic
  • Heptachlor and hexachlorobenzene: Both carcinogenic and neurotoxic materials used as an insecticide, which can be toxic for the reproductive system
  • Dieldrin: a known carcinogenic substance
  • RGBH: a genetically modified artificial hormone, injected into cows, to increase milk production. It is a potential carcinogenic.

Whole Milk causes cancer


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2Consumer Products (Ajax Cleanser, Toothpaste)

Many well-known brands of toothpaste use silica as a thickening agent; yet, it isn’t mentioned on the label. This can be carcinogenic and cause eye, lung and skin infections. After the year 1994, when this was found to be toxic, its use has reduced considerably in such formulations.

Ajax Cleanser, Toothpaste

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