These 17 tattoos are so real that your mind will get twisted after seeing them, especially the 7th and the 9th one. This artwork definitely needs your appreciation and we are sure that you must not have seen such classy work before.


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Tattoos are getting pretty popular nowadays, especially among the youth. For some of us, they can be just temporary or permanent designs made on the skin by inserting ink or dye but for many others, tattoos are a way of expressing their feelings.

Getting tattooed is not as easy as it is a painful process and can be time-taking, maybe months also if the design chosen is a complicated and big one. A person also needs to take care of his/her skin after getting tattooed as it takes time to heal. But still, there are many tattoo enthusiasts who are covering their bodies with the tattoo artwork. Here we are going to share 17 3D tattoos that are too perfect to be real:

1 A girl looking at you

For a moment, you may feel that the hot and beautiful girl is looking at you and your search for the girl of your dreams has come to an end. However, just then you will realize that it is not a real girl but an awesome tattoo on somebody’s arm.

A girl looking at you

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2 He always has an extra pen


Well, this guy will always be asked about that extra pen that he has pinned between his head and ear. The pen has been tattooed in such an artistic manner that it looks to be absolutely real and usable. Hats-off to the talent and skills of the artist! Simply incredible!

He always has an extra pen

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3The work of a geometrical expert

The artist who has drawn this tattoo must be a geometrical expert as majority of the people will find it difficult to draw this design on paper. For drawing this design, a person needs to have not just skills and talent but patience and precision as well. Her leg can attract anyone, can’t it?

The work of a geometrical expert

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4When you carry your values on your arm


The star ripped tattoo design is good for those who like to have a manly tattoo. It also has values written on it, which gives a feeling that the person is responsible and a family man. The artist also needs to be praised for such a design which requires both drawing as well as writing.

When you carry your values on your arm

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