People go awry when given free hand. It was proved in Rhythm 0 performance where artist was sexually and violently assaulted by audience.


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It is astonishing how people turn violent when given favorable circumstances. Marina Abramovic, a Yugoslav performance artist, who is also known as the "grandmother of performance art," did a daring act when she stood as a puppet in front of public for six hours and let people do whatever they wanted to.

1The famous “Rhythm 0” performance in 1974

The performance which is famously known as “Rhythm 0” was aimed at testing the relationship between performer and audience. But, it turned out to be a horrific experience for Abramovic as she felt raped.

In her own words, she explains that the performance showed them that how fast a person can hurt you under favorable circumstances and it also showed that how easy it is to dehumanize a person who does not fight and does not want defend himself.

The performance which is famously known as Rhythm 0

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2Abramovic offered 72 objects on a table to be used on her body


During the performance which was conducted for six hours between 8 PM and 2 AM, Abramovic had placed 72 objects on a table and allowed people to use them on her body as desired. While some of the objects would give pleasure, other could be used to inflict pain. The objects included rose, feather, honey, a whip, olive oil, scissors, a scalpel, a blade, a gun and a single bullet.

People were allowed to use those stuffs on Abramovic's body. She wanted to test how aggressive a human can turn into when free from social consequences. To her dismay, at the end of the performance, her body was stripped and attacked from almost all corners.

Abramovic offered 72 objects on a table to be used on her body

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