There is no denying the fact that Sweden is one of the best places of the world and today we are going to share some of the amazing facts about Sweden which will prove that it deserves the top spot in the list of best countries of the world.


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There are many countries in the world which are known for their beautiful sceneries, clean environment, good living conditions, etc, but it seems as if Sweden will be at the top spot in the list of such nations.

Sweden is situated in Northern Europe, in fact, it is the largest country in the region and third-largest in the European Union. The population density of the country is pretty less with just 22 people per square kilometer. The capital of Sweden is Stockholm which is also the most populated city of the country. Today we are going to share some facts about Sweden which makes it pretty amazing and different from other countries of the world:

1The biggest hotel of ice which is rebuild every year

It is Sweden where the first ice hotel of the world is situated and the best part is that this hotel is rebuilt every year between the months of December and April. The design of the “Ice Hotel” is different every year as each year, different designers and architects from all around the world are invited to construct the hotel.

Swedish follow rules religiously and what can be a better example to prove it than to install fire alarms in the ice hotel. So what are you waiting for, plan a trip to Sweden and enjoy your stay in the Ice Hotel.

The biggest hotel of ice

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2Zero waste production and recycling:


Sweden has successfully implemented zero waste production system and recycling to such a good extent that they import waste material from other countries such as Norway and earn money by recycling it. Sweden is also the first country to begin using biofuel in place of gasoline, so it can be easily said that Sweden is the best example of going green.

Zero waste production and recycling:

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3Different types of relationships:

The Swedish people are in no hurry to get married and you can find them living together for years, share some household, and have children without marriage. There are different types of relationships prevalent in Sweden such as Samboende, which is used for unmarried couples who have been living together for years and share household.

Another type of relationship is Iblandbo in which the partners come together to live but for time to time, while Särbo is used for that couple which is in a long –term relationship but they don’t share household, they live together only when they have holidays or for celebrating festivals.

Different types of relationships:

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4Their unusual choice of pizza:


Pizza is one of those dishes which are eaten almost in every part of the world; however flavors and toppings change as per the taste of the people of the country. But can you ever imagine a pizza with banana toppings, well Swedish people are pretty fond of banana pizza and it can easily be found at the pizzerias across the country.

Their unusual choice of pizza:

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