Insane Photos With Animals Taken Right Before Disaster Struck


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Besides making our lives more convenient, technology has also made people narcissistic and self-obsessive because of the selfie. The obsession to click oneself even while in a toilet has gone to extremes of putting oneself at risk of accidents and high-risk situations. There have also been innumerous cases of foolhardy people taking photographs with wild animals only to suffer an accident split second later. Take a look at 20 animal photos just before disaster struck.

1Wannabe crocodile Dundee

When Danish Tourist Johnny Bonde thought of doing a Crocodile Dundee while touring Australia, he got adventurous and posed for a photo with a crocodile. Immediately after, the reptile attacked him and bit his arm injuring him seriously. He did admit later that he had done a stupid thing because even a human grabbed like that would snap out, let alone a cantankerous huge croc. 

Wannabe crocodile Dundee

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2Killer Whale


Whales in the Ocean aren’t exactly the same as you see in ocean world. This whale was photographed jumping out of the water. On first glance, it makes such a fantastic wildlife photograph and if you weren’t told about what happened soon after, you too would appreciate it as such. Well, the whale landed on the two men in the boat and killed them instantly. 

Killer Whale

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3Crazy Racoon

Well Rocket Raccoon is best watched on TV only because if you suddenly think of taking a selfie or a photograph with a real raccoon, this is what might happen. Raccoons are aggressive animals and always perceive everything as a threat perhaps because of their size. 

Crazy Racoon

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4Mad camel


If you think of taking a photograph next to a camel, at least keep a safe distance away. This camel might have seen that shiny black mop of hair and got ideas to make a meal of it. It also seems that the person taking the photo must have been enjoying himself instead of warning what was about to happen. 

Mad camel

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