Barack Obama has turned into a Love Guru and is offering relationship advices to people around him. Don’t believe us? Read the article to find out what advices he has given for choosing the right partner for life.


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Choosing life partner is not an easy task because it is your life which is at stake in this case. However, Barack Obama, the former President of the USA, has some words of wisdom for you in this matter and we feel that every person who is searching for life partner should take a look at the words of wisdom.

Barack Hussein Obama II, popularly known as Barack Obama, served as the 44th President of the USA. He can easily be called one of the most loved and respected politicians of the world. He served two terms as the USA President and during his tenure, he carried out many reforms for the development of his country.

As far as his personal life is concerned, he is married to Michelle Robinson for the last 26 years and the couple is blessed with two daughters – Malia Ann and Natasha. There have been many instances in which Obama has expressed his love for his wife and it is quite visible that they both are madly in love with each other.

1How did Obama and Michelle meet?

Obama met Michelle in 1989 when he was a summer associate at a law firm in Chicago, Sidley Austin. Michelle was Obama’s advisor for three months and she kept on refusing his requests for dating. However, they started dating in summer; their engagement took place in 1991 and they got married in 1992.

How did Obama and Michelle meet

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2Relationship goals


People get to witness the couple’s love for each other whenever they attend any event together or share some personal moments with their fans and followers. During both the terms of Obama’s Presidency, there had been a number of moments when he and his wife gave relationship goals to couples.

Relationship goals Barack and Michelle Obama

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3Revelation by Dan Pfeiffer

The former Senior Advisor to the President, Dan Pfeiffer revealed that Barack Obama was very proud of the relationships which were formed between those who used to work in his campaigns and administration. In 2016 only, Dan attended four weddings of those who met while working for Obama and fell in love and Dan was one of them.

Barack Obama Smiling

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4Barack Obama turns Love Advisor


There is no doubt that Barack Obama is a wonderful family man with a lovely wife and two daughters and his love for Michelle is not hidden from anyone. The former President, with the help of his experience of life, has come up with some solid love advice for his near and dear ones.

Barack  Dancing with Michelle

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5When Dan Pfeiffer talked to Obama about his own love life

Dan Pfeiffer got into relationship with Howli and they both decided to move in. When Obama got to know about it, he asked Pfeiffer whether she is the one for him. After this, Obama gave relationship advice to Pfeiffer and it consisted of three important questions which, if asked, can help a person in deciding a perfect life partner.

Obama walking with michelle in the gallary

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