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While the skeptics may not believe such things, Astrology is a thriving pseudoscience with its fair share of followers across the world. Horoscopes are a common feature in every magazine and newspaper and can provide some food for thought when indulged in a deeper way. Astrology deals with planetary and celestial influences, including numerology and moths as influencing factors on our character, nature, and personality.

1A study finds something fascinating about September babies

But while none can actually claim that Astrology works in a scientific way, one study by the National Bureau of Research found something fascinating on the lines of astrology although it was not in any way linked to cosmic influences. The study revealed that the month in which you are born in can influence your levels of intelligence. 

September babies

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2Months can have a general impact on personality


The study actually found that birth months could have an impact on our general personality and that students born in September showed a higher level of intelligence than those who weren’t. In other words, September babies are smarter. 

Smart baby

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3The study involved 1.2 million students

The study that took place in Florida involved 1.2 million students all aged between 6 and 15. The students were chosen according to their birthdates from various months. In the majority of states, the last date for kindergarten is usually around August or early September which means that those born in September turn out a bit older than the rest of the class. 

kids playing

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4September students showed higher yearly averages


The study revealed that September born students showed higher yearly averages than those born in August who usually tend to be the youngest in their grade. 

students in class room

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