Behind the scenes during filming of movies is pretty exciting and once in a way someone leaks such photos and that’s how you get to see them like 19 filming iconic moments shown here in photographs


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Watching a film may be a magical and a unique experience, but if you have to see how it was made, that would be another story altogether. There is nothing magical about it but what comes through is reality and the true nature of the people behind the characters. In fact, it can well destroy the creativity and effect of a film if behind the scenes photos are released before a movie. Some cinematography companies also penalize photography teams for releasing such pictures. But in today’s world of the internet, photos can be uploaded instantly and discreetly without anyone being fried. Take a look at behind the scene photos of some iconic and famous movies which you may have seen several times already.

1Steven Spielberg on sets of Schindler’s List

Here’s Steven Spielberg on the sets during filming and checking if everything is ok with the Plaszów prisoners in the movie “Schindler’s List. Given the emotion displayed in the film and watching this scene is very different.

Steven Spielberg on sets of Schindlers

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2What the soul of Marsellus Wallace looked like in Pulp Fiction


From the time it was screened, fans of Pulp Fiction have provided theories of the MacGuffin or the briefcase which was a plot device in the film. The best theory was that it contained Marsellus Wallace soul and this is what it looked like.

What the soul of Marsellus Wallace looked like in Pulp Fiction

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3Lou Ferrigno being briefed on the script in Hulk

That’s Lou Ferrigno clarifying the script: Lou Ferrigno was the first Hulk who played the green giant in the television series. But believe it or not, he has also been behind the voice of the Hulk in all of the Avengers movies except “Thor Ragnarok”.

Lou Ferrigno being briefed on the script in Hulk

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4That first nostalgic moment on Privet Drive


This is the shooting of that very day on Privet Drive that so many of this present generation can identify with and grew up with the characters of Harry Potter. This is the very first opening scene of the movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. It conjures up nostalgic memories.

That first nostalgic moment on Privet Drive

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5Danny Devito getting ready in Batman Returns

Here’s Danny Devito getting ready for Batman Returns in his character as the penguin. Batman Returns was directed by Tim Burton so you can recognize the signature dark gothic features of the character far from the comical villains Riddler and Two-Face of the Batman movies of the nineties.

Danny Devito getting ready in Batman Returns

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