The artificial kidney project by UCSF is all ready to enter clinical trials and is awaiting approval but finance is holding it up.


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The world is yet to realize the magnitude of one of the most important medical inventions of recent times. The Bionic Artificial Kidney may be creating waves among the medical fraternity but somehow this lifesaving device is yet to be showcased to the world as an ongoing project that needs immense support and funding to become commercially viable and available for millions around the world suffering from kidney disease. The brainchild of Dr. Shuvo Roy Ph.D. Professor Departments of Bioengineering & Therapeutic Sciences and Surgery.

1Ready for human trials

UCSF Schools of Pharmacy and Medicine and technical director of the Kidney project spoke to Troab saying that the device is ready for the first stage of clinical trials and is awaiting ethics board approval. But what is most necessary right now is continued funding of the project.

Ready for human trials

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2Kidney disease claims the lives of almost 2 million people every year


More than 2 million people worldwide succumb to kidney failure annually. Perhaps twice that amount is living a traumatic lifestyle because of dialysis required almost thrice a week. Both patients and families are distraught over such a condition where there is nothing one can do or hope for. Combined with the stress of the procedure is the strain of finances that go on and on.

Kidney disease claims the lives of almost 2 million people every year

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3A path-breaking device that can save millions

The Bionic or artificial kidney based on nanotechnology and no larger than a coffee cup can be implanted in one’s body and work as a normal kidney. It seeks to end the trauma of dialysis and largely improve the lifestyle of those suffering kidney failures. Imagine the scope of such a device that can save the lives of millions around the world. Thanks to the team working on the kidney project at UCSF, this will be a path-breaking milestone in the history of medical science once it is approved and successful.

Bionic or artificial kidney

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4What is the kidney project all about?


The kidney project is the baby of two pioneering doctors at UCSF, Doctor’s Shuvo Roy Ph.D. (technical director of the Kidney project) and Doctor William Fissel (Medical Director of the Kidney project). Together this inspiring duo has achieved the unthinkable. The portable device can be used in end-stage renal disease providing a long-term solution for kidney failure without the need for a transplant.

What is the kidney project all about?

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