The Body Language Which Will Reveal the Truth About Your Relationship


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Romantic Relationships do not need to be verbal all the time. A relationship involves the magic of unsaid words and communication through eyes and body language. Especially if you are attracted towards someone in the nascent stages of courtship, words do not come easy. As a man did you ever bashfully attempt to hold your girl's hand. Or, as a woman how often have you sent subtle hints that you’d love a warm cuddle to feel secure that your guy loves you. Or perhaps even a couple maintains distance by hiding expressions. These are the signs of body language that will reveal much about your relationship without uttering a word!

1Direct positive eye contact: Everything is fine. You like each other

Eye contact is the key word here, if your future partner gazes at you while you talk to them and constantly looks into your eyes...(not in a creepy way though), you can be sure they like you are seriously into you and is really interested in what you have to say and wants to know more about you. 

positive eye contact

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2Body parts turned towards you: this means they like you and are interested in you


The angle of the body of your partner, while you are talking, is also crucial. During your conversation, if your partner tilts his body towards you, it shows a clear interest in you. Notice their toe caps, they would always be pointing towards you even when they are sitting crossed legged. 

Body parts turned towards you

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3If she leans forward towards you, she likes you

Now if you have a pretty lady who is seriously into you, you can judge by the way she sits in front of you. She would subconsciously bend her body towards you with a straight back, hence trying to physically allure you. 

If she leans forward towards you

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4If he stands straight and tall with an arm resting near your shoulder, he likes you


It’s a typical male move which is cute as well pretty and primitive. Whenever they are in close proximity with a woman they fancy, they will automatically straighten themselves to look bigger and stronger. They may sometimes lean on a wall with their hands at your shoulder level, to get into your private space as their protective instincts kicks in.

arm resting near your shoulder

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5When your partner uses several valid excuses to touch you gently

Well if both partners start brushing or touching each other’s hands (accidently of course) a bit too often or if imaginary dust particles appear on either one such as on hair or clothes that need dusting off repeatedly, it is a telltale sign of true affection for each other.

valid excuses to touch you

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