We know that celebrities love owning expensive things like mansions, cars, planes, etc. But did you know that some celebrities have some really expensive body parts?


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13Michael Flatley

Well known for his Irish Dance shows, Michael is a former Irish-American dancer. His shows, Riverdance, Feet of Flames, Lord of Dance and Celtic Tiger Live that have played in more than 60 countries to more than 60 million people and have grossed over than $1 billion. He is still considered as a heartthrob among women.

Michael Flatley

Image Source: waterfordwhispersnews.com

14His feet


Michael has insured his feet for a whopping $25.5 million. We know that your jaw has dropped after reading this and we can understand why. Flatley is a dancer and has been on his feet and toes since a young age so it is understandable that he will worry about his feet over any other body part.

His feet

Image Source: www.thetimes.co.uk

15Gene Simmons

The Israeli-American musician is best known for being the bassist and co-lead singer of the legendary Rock band Kiss. An aspect of his stage persona that attracted a lot of attention was his long tongue. In the band, his character was known as the Demon with full face paint and makeup to hide their identities.

Gene Simmons

Image Source: wmtram.com

16His tongue


One of his most prized possessions is his tongue which is longer than the average human tongue. During his stage performances, he does a signature pose where he’d wiggle his tongue like a dog, this got the attention of more people and fans. He insured his tongue for $640k. We can only imagine how someone could damage their tongue or get their tongue damaged.

Gene Simmons tongue insurance

Image Source: www.realclear.com

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