This surprising new remedy actually works. Just a tiny cotton swab dipped in alcohol and placed in your belly button can cure a number of problems from infection to coughs and menstrual pain.


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6Precautions when putting alcohol swab in a belly button

When you put an alcohol swab in your belly button, make sure your belly button is clean. You can first clean it with a mild solution of alcohol and water, and then apply the second swab soaked in a little bit of alcohol. There is no need to apply excess alcohol.

Precautions when putting alcohol swab in a belly button

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7Your belly button is home to hundreds of bacteria


It may surprise you to know that there are hundreds of different bacteria growing in your navel. While they don’t actually cause any problems, if allowed to increase, it can lead to a belly button infection. This is when you have to intervene and do something about your dirty belly button.

Your belly button is home to hundreds of bacteria

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8Bacterial infection

Cosmetic products, using lint and even sweat can cause bacteria in the belly button. If by chance, you notice any brown discharge or pus that is a clear indication of bacterial infection. While you should show this to your doctor, you need to clean your belly button out frequently.

Bacterial infection

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9Sebaceous Cysts


These can also form in your belly button causing a more serious infection. The cysts get easily infected because of scratching as they can cause a lot of itching. The moment you feel something unusual about your belly button or if you experience usual itching. Use warm water and mild soap to cleanse out the belly button. Dry it and while you take your prescribed medication, you9 can also use the alcohol swab remedy.

Sebaceous Cysts

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10Fungal Infections

Candida is one such belly button infection that can occur all over the body. Even your belly button is prone to candida. If you find it red and slightly tender, then that is a sign of fungal infection. You may need antifungal creams to treat the infection but while you do this, the cotton swab in alcohol may also do the trick.

Fungal Infections

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