Put some Vicks VapoRub on a Garlic Clove. The reason? You’ll regret not knowing this earlier!


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Vicks vaporub has been around for ages. The well known family brand has been a familiar medicine closet commodity in every household treating coughs, colds and congestion. As an inhalant used with hot water, Vicks vaporub cam well relieve a stuffy nose. But did you know that besides being used as a decongestant, Vicks vaporub can be used as a potent ingredient in several home remedies too. Here are 15 amazing uses of Vicks Vaporub.

1 Sinus Headaches


Just apply Vicks vaporub under your nose and within a few minutes you’ll get relief. The menthol from Vicks calms the nerves and your headache.

Sinus Headaches.

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2 Relieve Congestion Symptoms and Cough


Apply Vicks vaporub all over your chest as well as your back and notice the difference. For a itchy sore or congested throat, apply Vicks vaporub and tie with a piece of flannel cloth. Next morning you’ll be much better.

Apply Vicks vaporub all over your chest

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3 Relief from Acne


Apply Vicks vaporub on your acne affected areas at least thrice daily. It will dry up the acne and soothe your skin. Vicks also cleanses your skin.

Apply Vicks vaporub on your acne

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4 Use Vicks as a Moisturizer


For dry skin you can use Vicks as an effective moisturizer. Just apply it once a day to your skin, it’ll work well.

Use Vicks as a Moisturizer

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5 Get Rid Of Bruises


Combine Vicks with a pinch of salt and apply to the bruised area of your skin. Vicks vaporub will heal the bruise and reduce the scarring quickly.

Get Rid Of Bruises

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