Disney is pretty lazy when it comes to making new illustrations, and in several of their films, they just copy their own scenes and illustrations. Check it out


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Have you ever been so good at your job, that you just copied your own work? Disney has, obviously, and the entertainment company which is famous for its children’s animation films has often used scenes from old Disney movies, like a pro. People obviously did not notice, and even if they did, they didn’t care as the movies were too good to be criticized.

For instance, the Waltz scenes in Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty have the very same choreography, and the movies are 30 years apart. In fact, The Jungle Book and Winnie The Pooh share the very same scene featuring a young boy throwing stones into water. So, here are some scenes which Disney copied from itself.

1Are they lazy?

You might say Disney has been quite lazy when it comes to reusing the illustrations from the old films, but can we blame them? Not exactly, whatever they did, it obviously worked in their favour, and Disney still continues to make incredible movies.

Are they lazy?

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2The audiences enjoyed it


You’d think the Disney fans would be offended or upset that Disney just copied themselves whenever they got the chance, but that’s hardly the case. In fact, fans have often talked about how amusing they find these comparisons and actually wait to explore the similarities. They also make a game out of it, trying to mash up the comparisons.

The audiences enjoyed it

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3Bambi and Alice in Wonderland

The bird bathing scene in Bambi was copied in the famous Disney movie Alice in Wonderland. The movies were almost a decade apart, and yet both scenes look strikingly similar. The bird is blue in both scenes, and from the waterfall to the ripples to the placement of the two rocks, everything is the same. It’s obvious that they just copied it directly.

Bambi and Alice in Wonderland

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4The Jungle Book and Winnie the Pooh


The Disney movies The Jungle Book and Winnie the Pooh were exactly a decade apart and shared a scene which looked exactly the same. It’s the scene where the young male lead stands over a cliff and throws stones into the water. While The Jungle Book has Mowgli in the scene, Winnie the Pooh had Christopher Robin, and they were both even holding the same leaf on a twig in their hands.

The Jungle Book and Winnie the Pooh

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5Snow White and Robin Hood

If you want to applaud Disney on its efforts, the next piece of information will definitely help you. Snow White came out in 1937 and Robin Hood came out in 1973, and both the films had the same scene featuring a couple of hands clapping. The gestures and the number of hands were the same in both the films.

Snow White and Robin Hood

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