Toys that reveal the secret of happiness of a child and income of the family


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Everything is not perfect and sweet that we think it to be like. It is a challenging task to wear someone else’s shoe even for a day. From far off distance, we find everything is perfectly fine with them, and we sit and keep complaining to God I wish I had this! I wish I had that! But try exchanging your shoes you’ll understand what people have and what they suffer. This article is not just about toys, but it is an in-depth article that will make you understand how people of different sectors live. Toys bring a sense of happiness and contentment for a child. A high society kid gets to have a tablet or an I phone or any other gadgets that are trendy and have a style statement. But at the same time, a poor kid finds his happiness in a simple tire or even a discarded shoe. Here are the favourite toys of kids of all sectors which will give you a glimpse of our society.

1Plastic bottle

On taking a survey in an Indian village, it was astonishing to see a kid who showed her million-dollar smile and showed off a plastic bottle as her favourite toy. This kid lives in a family which earns 29 dollars a month, it is not just about the conditions in which people live in with a meagre salary, but about the happiness, they search for themselves in small things.

Plastic bottle

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2Dried Maize


It was astonishing to see a boy whose family income was hardly 29 dollars a month enjoying dried maize as his favourite toy. The dried maize being used as a toy showed that the absence of money makes the heart grow fonder. Thus this little child found his happiness in a simple dried up maize.

Dried Maize

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3Homemade ball

We have heard about bat ball being the favourite toys of young boys but have you seen a handmade ball? Yes, this boy from Zimbabwe whose family earns a salary of thirty-four dollars a month made his own handmade ball to enjoy his play time. He cheerfully showed off his favourite handmade ball when we asked for his favourite toy.

Homemade ball

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On surveying a village in Haiti, a child whose family income was hardly 39 dollars showed off a car as his favourite toy. It was not a hot wheel or a super racer car but a simple one which was made out of plastic containers. The car was filled with mud from inside, and the child gladly showed how the car was ready for a long drive.

Toy car

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5A hoop

Even a hoop can become a favourite toy! Sounds surprising, Right? But yes it is a fact a family in Haiti with a minimum salary of 43 dollars had a boy who termed this simple hoop as his favourite toy and enjoyed playing with it as no other rich kid could ever experience.

A hoop

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