Here are food items which you thought to be harmful for the body but they have their benefits and can be very helpful in long term. So, try to include the in your diet.


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Healthy life is pretty much dependent on healthy diet so it is very important that we keep a check on what we eat and when we eat. It is also necessary that we should be eating at regular intervals rather than eating after big gaps. Coming to the diet part, we are normally told to avoid the foods with high-fat as they can increase the cholesterol level but sometimes such foods are also beneficial for the body. There are many food items which are not considered good for the body but they are very beneficial if they are consumed in moderate quantity. Here is a list of 15 food items that have bad reputation but they are not so bad for consumption:

1 Pasta

Pasta is considered as non-healthy food item but do you know that spaghetti or macaroni are made of white durum wheat because of which they have a low glycemic index of 45-50. So eating pasta will not only help you in fighting hunger but it will also not raise your blood sugar. One should make pasta with veggies to give it a healthy flavor and also use tomato sauce rather than cream-based sauce.


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Many times we have heard people saying that they will cut down their consumption of coffee but do you know that drinking coffee not only keeps you sharp but it also helps you in living a longer life. People who have a moderate consumption of coffee (3 to 4 cups) have lower risk of suffering from heart problems, Parkinson’s disease, various cancers, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s and liver problems.


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Cheese is a favorite food item for many of us but it should be eaten in controlled manner and leaving it completely because it has saturated fats is not a good decision at all. Cheese has protein, vitamin B12, calcium and healthy fatty acids which play an important role in reducing the risk of diabetes. It can also increase the level of good gut bacteria in the body which is beneficial for health.


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4Whole milk


Many people have now opted for skimmed milk instead of whole milk in order to avoid the fat content present in whole milk. The whole milk is a good source of vitamin D, fat, calcium, protein, etc., and the research has proved that dairy fat has no role to play in cardiovascular diseases, in fact high-fat dairy consumption is said to reduce the chances of obesity.

Whole milk

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Despite the fact that potatoes are one of the most consumed food items, they are not considered as healthy food. However, potatoes have a good nutritional value and come under the category of healthy carb. They are rich in potassium and vitamin C and if they are eaten with their skin, then they are a rich source of fiber also.


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