You read hundreds of facts everyday? How many of them are true, and how many of them can actually help you? Read on to find out?


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It’s the Internet age and everyday you get at least fifty pieces of information, just after 10 minutes of scrolling through Facebook or browsing through YouTube. Everybody is consuming content and sometimes we don’t even get time to properly process the information. From the recent Red Hen incident to the sudden engagement of Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, it’s too much to keep up with.

But there’s news that is worth remembering, and there’s news you can afford to forget. But there are some amazing facts which you must hear about, simply because they are unbelievably strange and exciting. Here are some incredible facts from all over the world which you simply wouldn’t believe to be true and which might also be helpful to you.

1This actually happened

Ever dreamt about visiting the Buckingham Palace? Most people do, but this man had a rather curious fantasy and he lived it out. In 1982 a man broke into the palace and spent a half hour eating cheddar cheese, without being detected. He also drank a little and rested on the coveted throne for a while. Yes, it really happened, and he only left after he was tired of wandering about in the palace. Kind of makes you think about the Palace’s security.

This actually happened

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2Elvis was blonde


Do you know the legend Elvis Presley originally had blonde hair? Elvis is known for his thick, wavy dark hair but many people do not know that he had dark blonde hair when he was born. He reportedly decided to dye his hair black in 1956 because apparently he thought he looked better with dark hair and he also photographed better. After that he stuck to the look which eventually made him famous.

Elvis was blonde

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3Belly button troubles

Your doctor must have told you a hundred times to be more regular about cleaning out your belly button. It has been reported that your belly button is dirtier than the floor of your bathroom. This is true - in 2012 doctors found more than 2,000 types of bacterias residing in people’s belly buttons. In fact, some of the bacterias weren’t even known to science. Which should tell you that you should really listen to your doctor.

Belly button troubles

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4What the doctor says


“Any fold where it’s warm and moist is where bacteria can breed. People who are very overweight and people with diabetes, especially Type 2, are at a higher risk of accumulating bacteria and getting infections to those areas,” said Dr. Lisa Kellett of DLK Cosmetic Dermatology and Laser Clinic. She also said that this is also the reason why one should be extra careful about belly button piercings since they invite infection.

What the doctor says

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5Gender troubles

It might sound controversial and downright problematic but corporate misogyny is not the only thing which you should be worried about if you are looking for a job. If you are interviewed by a person who is as the same gender as you, and they perceive you to be more attractive than them, chances are you might not get the job. If you are interviewed by a panel consisting of men and women, you have better chances of getting hired. Several scientific surveys have proven that women especially do not like hiring women who may be better looking and more dynamic than them.

Gender troubles

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