Have you ever wondered how much sleep you need? Have you slept perfectly well according to you yet woken up tired? Science has your answer.


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We need sleep, plain and simple. It’s our body’s way of temporally shutting down to repair the body. So, the quality of sleep is important, right? Yes, but so is the quantity. We can’t sleep for a few hours a day and expect this to not affect our mind and body.

1What is Sleep?

Before we know why sleep is important we need to know what is sleep. It is a condition in which our body and mind goes into a relaxed phase. Our eyes close and nervous system is inactive. The muscles in our body relax and consciousness is practically suspended. This condition stays for a few hours every day.

Why Is Sleep So Important?

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2Why Is Sleep So Important?


Sleep is important for a number of reasons, first being physical health and second mental health. After a whole day's work with our muscles contacting and relaxing they need to rest in order for the tissue to repair itself. During this period even our brain relaxes and heals itself while processing all the information it gathered during the day.

What Happens When There Is A Lack Of Sleep?

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3What Happens When There Is A Lack Of Sleep?

A lot of bad things is the plain and simple answer. It affects our health and mental well being. High blood pressure, heart attack, heart failure or stroke. The most common ones include a feeling of being tired and unable to perform simple tasks.

How Does It Affect You Mentally?

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4How Does It Affect You Mentally?


Mentally, lack of sleep causes a lack of alertness and impaired memory. Mood swings can be seen and a bit of an irritated behaviour too. We can feel exhausted, depressed and there might also be hormonal imbalances if we are continuously deprived of sleep.

Does It Affect Anything Else?

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