So you want your children to grow up good human beings? Then start by cultivating values and teaching them these 12 important things in life before they reach 10


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Every parent wants his child to be a model kid, honest, brave, kind and happy. These qualities are universally acceptable but difficult to ingrain because they develop only under good supervision, healthy upbringing and loads of personal examples that help a child to succeed later in life. While it is good to allow a child their space to explore and learn independently, guidance and showing what’s right from wrong is equally important. A healthy family and home atmosphere is also important to induce a sense of security in a child that builds confidence in them later. Here are 10 best values to teach your child before they reach the age of 10 and how to do it.

1 Respect both girls and boys. They are equal

Having respect for others is a paramount quality every kid should grow up with. They should be taught to be kind and gentle with everyone regardless of gender. Just specifying to be gentle to a certain gender creates confusion and also doubts as to why such differential treatment is meant for a specific gender which makes the rule too tempting to flout.

Girls and boys are equal

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2Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. They are stepping stones too success


You must never instill fear of failure or things going wrong in your child’s mind. If they are taught to take failures as something positive to learn from and always to accept in stride they will grow up to be super confident and happy individuals. These children are the achievers of tomorrow.

They are stepping stones too success.

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3Knowledge is far more important than grades

In this day and age of super achievement and quantifiable success we tend to judge children on the basis of their scores and marks in exams. This approach is very detrimental, as it encourages the kids to focus on their scorecards and not towards attaining quality knowledge and skills. One must teach their kid to attain excellence in their pursuits of knowledge. The scores and grades will automatically follow.

Knowledge is far more important than grades

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4Your parents are not your enemies. You can always turn to them for help


Do not instill fear in your children that they end up seeing you as a taskmaster and punisher for their mistakes. You must come across as a friend or guide who is there to help the child when they do something wrong or commit a mistake. This way you will teach the kids to be responsible for their actions without hiding it.

You can always turn to them for help

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