This Is What Life Is Like For Kim Jong-un


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5They are specially chosen by officials and army soldiers

The girls of the pleasure squad are handpicked by government officials and army officers who select the prettiest girl. There are other criteria that go into the selection process such as height and talent. 

north-korian please squad

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6They took part in drunken parties


South Korean defectors have revealed how drunken pleasure parties were a regular part of the regime where women were also made to shave their genital areas whenever they lost a bawdy game. 

pleasure squad parade

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7They are married off as gifts to army officers

When they reach twenty, they are forcibly married to army generals as a reward for their loyalty to the leader. One former pleasure squad member, Mi Hyang who defected to South Korea, revealed how when she was 15 she was snatched away from her classroom by two soldiers. They also questioned her whether she had physical relations with a boy. She was made a servant of Kim Jong Il. The same claims were made by several defectors who have escaped the despot’s tyranny. 

pleasure squad girls married to army generals

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8The final selection consists of 2000 girls


For the pleasure squad, no less than 2,000 girls are chosen, snatched from schools and families. No one dares raise any objection for fear of execution or imprisonment. The girls are then sent for training that also may include military training and of course knowledge of servicing men so that they can provide pleasure exceptionally. The pleasure squad is also the maverick leader’s personal bodyguard which is why the best from the 2000 end up directly in the service of the leader. Although it isn’t known but North Koreans successful girl pop band was also created by Kim.

North Koreans successful girl pop band

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