This is a real incident describing the challenges faced by 16 people when they set on a journey to find a better future for themselves and their families. However, it turned out to be the toughest phase of their lives and how they survived speaks a lot about their courage.


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There are many underdeveloped countries in the world where citizens are not even able to get their basic necessities fulfilled and there is a lot needed to be done for their development.

We are going to tell you a story which will make you believe that no matter how hard the conditions may be but if people show resilience and support each other, they can overcome the toughest situations and emerge as winners. This incident is 17 years old but it will give you goosebumps whenever you will read about it. What’s more, it gives us one more reason to respect women.

1Failed attempt to reach Puerto Rico

16 people (8 men and 8 women) belonging to Dominica sailed on a journey to Puerto Rico in search of a better job and future. The group left on January 3 from a beach of Sabana De La Mar, a Dominican town, on a 24-foot handmade boat. For this, they paid $125-$250, their salary of almost two months. However, soon they found out that their compass was broken.

Failed attempt to reach Puerto Rico

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2They got lost


Their food, water and gasoline got finished in 3 days and they got lost in that area of the sea where waves of Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean clash with each other. Without food and water, they started getting dehydrated and feeling weak. The hope of surviving and reaching the shore was getting dimmed by every passing minute.

They got lost

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3Surviving on mother’s milk

Just when their throats and lips were dry and some of them were even spitting blood, a woman named Faustina Mercedes got an idea to survive. She asked her sister Elena Mercedes to try and suck milk from her breast which was originally meant for Faustina’s one year old daughter.

Surviving on mother’s milk

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4Everyone felt better


When Elena drank milk from her breast and felt better, Faustina asked everyone to suck milk in small quantity from her breast. Faustina drank her milk through Elena as she sucked milk and then passed it on to her elder sister. Faustina was later called “Little Angel of the Sea” for the unique gift that she gave to everyone.

Everyone felt better

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5Divided equally whatever they got

It was the fifth day when they started having milk from Faustina’s breast and whatever they got to eat, they divided it equally. One passenger used the edge of a nail clipper to divide an apple into 16 pieces; the apple was found by them floating in the ocean. They also had a rotten orange to keep themselves alive.

Divided equally whatever they got

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