As we grow up, we try to understand ourselves and other people around us but here is a personality test which will give an accurate picture of our personality to help us understand ourselves in a better manner. Encourage others also to take this test so that they can get aware of their inherent qualities.


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It is being said that we should not compare us with any other person as every person is unique in this world. What differentiates us from the other person is our personality which is very much dependent on the environment in which we have been brought up, our thoughts and behavior. There are many organizations which have started conducting personality assessment tests as a part of their selection process for jobs. Every person has a different set of qualities and characteristics and if a person makes choices which matches with his personality, then the chances of that person getting successful increase to a great extent.

1What is a personality test?

A personality test is a method of assessing a person’s personality. The most important point about the personality tests is that there is nothing right or wrong about them as different persons give different answers depending upon their personality. These personality tests are just a method of understanding and analyzing person’s intrinsic characteristics and the results can be of great help in making right choices.

What is a personality test?

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2Types of personality tests:


The personality tests can be of different types, they can be in the form of questionnaire in which a question has different options and a person chooses an option which seems correct to him. A person can also be asked to take a look at a figure and tell what his opinion about that image or figure is.

Types of personality tests:

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3Similarities with other people:

By saying that every person is unique, we don’t mean that there will be no similarities between two people. There may be some similarities in people but they won’t be totally identical to each other (in terms of personality) as it is being said that no 2 people are completely same in this world.

Similarities with other people:

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4Here is a test for you to ascertain your own personality:


Here is a very simple test which can help you in determining your own personality and get a brief description about your own strengths and weaknesses. What you have to do is to select one out of these five feather pens which are shown in the image and we will tell you about your personality.

Here is a test for you to ascertain your own personality:

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5If a person chooses feather pen number 1:

This feather pen symbolizes a calm and cool person who loves to live with peace and harmony and it is not just about the peace of mind but also about the peace in the locality surrounding him. However, sometimes his helping nature is taken for granted and the person is also considered a weak person by some people, which is absolutely incorrect.

If a person chooses feather pen number 1:

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