“The world’s gone crazy!”, we’ve heard this before and we do believe it to some extent. But what if our world was always like this and we didn’t notice?


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We live in a world where if you’re not crazy and willing to do something outrageous you’ll be considered to be boring. We have seen things like the Ice Bucket Challenge to the tragic Tide Pod Challenge. We believe that humans have lost it and are going downhill from here but what if this is how humans are? What if being crazy is just human nature? What if humans were crazier than this before? On today’s list, we will see just how crazy humans were in history and you’ll feel like we’ve actually mellowed a bit and turned down the crazy.

30 When She’s Crazier Than You

This picture is staged as it was taken at a fair in 1940, Mexico. Not sure what attraction this belongs to but it really is eye-catching. The man looks normal but the woman, with the Christ-like crown of thorns, her face wrapped in a white cloth, a cactus necklace and a plate in hand. This is nightmare fuel to be honest.

Christ like crown of thorns

Image Source: yookartik.com

29 Imagine Walter White Cooking Meth in That!


Yes, that weird looking vehicle was what passed for an RV or Winnebago in 1926. A door, windows, and tiles on the roof, can you even imagine living in this much less driving it? You’ve seen the modern house on wheels and how luxurious and spacious they can be, pretty sure there was none of that in 1926.

Walter White Cooking

Image Source: imgur.com

28Let’s Talk About the Elephant in The Room

There isn’t anything more relaxing than a warm cup of tea (unless you’re a coffee person) with a few friends. Now imagine that a friend is an elephant and has a large cup of tea for him. Yes, this picture is of three men and an elephant just chilling with chai. The elephant looks happy with his tea in his oversized cup and saucer. This picture was taken in 1939.

Elephant in The Room

Image Source: scoopnest.com

27Cause Dogs Were Too Mainstream, Even Back Then


Yes, that is a picture of a woman walking her pet snake. Believe it or not, people actually used to have snakes as pets and did take them on walks, they still do. The woman in the picture is a burlesque diva who went by the name Zorita. With a top and skirt, she’s out for a walk with her snake. She was best known for her 20-minute dance with two boa constrictors she called “Elmer and Oscar”. This picture was taken in 1930.

Walking with pet snake

Image Source: blogunik.com

26That’s Not Leaks for An X-Men Movie

No, that’s not the draft image for an X-Men character but a real folk medicine technique. Taken in 1935 in Finland this image demonstrates how the method of Horn cupping therapy worked. This was mainly done for people who suffered pains that weren’t cured by medicine. It was said to cure inflammation and cause relaxation. There is not much scientific evidence to back that up.

X Men Movie

Image Source: imgur.com

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