These are such clever pieces of photography and photoshopping that they could fool even the experts


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Well its official now, those internet photos which we deemed to be examples of genius photography or great snaps of natural beauty, well, most of them are fakes. Yes, those gracing your phone or wallpapers of PC’s desktops might be a fake too. Heartbreaking right? But it’s not your fault entirely because these are such clever pieces of photography and photoshopping that they could fool even the experts. From now on if a picture seems to be too fantastic to be true…perhaps it is. We have gathered 14 most viral pictures which went popular globally because of their sheer ingenuity and unfortunately are still popular because some are cute, nice while others are damn right shocking!

1 A purple forest in Scotland wasn’t purple

The Isle of Skye looks absolutely out of this world with those purple forests and fauna. The river surrounded by ravines graced with these grape purple forest are almost unworldly and have made thousands of people book their flight tickets just to see this marvel for themselves. You can guess their disappointment and perhaps rage when they see just green Scottish woods. In fact, the research found the picture was photoshopped (obviously) and shot at Shotover River in New Zealand! 

forest in Scotland

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2An Island shaped like a star and a crescent: (this fooled many)


An island in the shape of an actual star and crescent in middle of an ocean! It has to be unworldly in fact supernatural to some. This fascination was created in the hearts of thousands of visitors who visited the island of Molokini in Hawaii. It must be true paradise in sometime of history which we have all forgotten.

An Island shaped like a star

The reality

When researched it was found that the crescent island- Molokini is the only piece that’s real. The star was added using a photo editor.

The reality of star island

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3One drop of seawater magnified 25 times (which was bunked)


A photo that went viral but the title of the picture is a dead giveaway as you can see the sides of the Petri dish! But for those who love to live in oblivion, we can elaborate further. In order to show so many plankton you’ll have to filter quite literally an entire swimming pool with a special net to gather them. Obviously once the water is filtered through; that plankton would even fit in a teacup. So just to be clear to have that many planktons in your tea cup….sorry Petri dish you’ll have to filter tones of water and not just a drop of seawater. wow, talk about taking the pill with a pinch of sea salt here! 

One drop of seawater

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4A woman sitting like a frog but she wasn’t

Thank God not many people (we guess) were fooled by this one as this is a clear case of photoshopping making her look flexible like one of the mutants of X-Men movies! 

woman sitting like a frog

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