As a parent are you fulfilling one of the most important criteria of parenting? Find out why the 3 minute rule is so important when it comes to dealing with children and how it can benefit you later on in life.


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When you come home from work do you spend any time with your child? Given the fact that a parent who performs daily tasks for their child isn’t an irresponsible one but how often do you sit with a child just for the sake of it. It takes almost 30 minutes to make dinner when you return, it would take another 15 minutes for you to unwind or read a book perhaps and it would take just a minute to tuck them into bed. Amongst all of these activities when you return home. There is a precious 3-minute ritual that not many parents perform which could be the most important part of your day. Do you know what that is?

1What psychologists have to say?

According to a psychologist Nataliya Sirotich, there is a 3-minute rule that parents should follow which would gain their child’s trust to the point of it being carried on till they were teenagers. When you follow this rule, your child learns to be totally secure with you. This article will explain how to manage these 3 minutes correctly so that you and your child enjoy a perfect bond and understanding.

What psychologists have to say?

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2The 3-minute rule


The rule of 3 minutes says that when you return home, you should meet your child because you have not seen each other for a long time. This may also be applicable if you have gone out of the house on chores like a department store. This has to be done every day without fail.

The 3-minute rule

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3Position yourself at the same eye level

When you spend those 3 minutes with your child, you should make sure that you are on the same level as the child. Sit on a sofa or better still, you can sit on the rug while your child stands or sits down with you. It is important to maintain the same eye level as the child.

Position yourself at the same eye level

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4When you pick up your child from school, observe the 3 minute rule


This 3-minute rule is even more important when you pick your child up from kindergarten school. Just spend 3 minutes with them hugging them and asking them to tell you about their day and what they did that school. Small talk is important here because even if it may seem trivial for you, it is important for the child.

When you pick up your child from school, observe the 3 minute rule

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