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You haven't really grasped the significance of the Berlin Wall until you have seen the traffic jam in the city as East Germans were trying to move to West Germany after the fall of the wall. You also have no idea about how bizarrely gifted some people are until you have seen the man with the stretchy skin, Felix Wehrle. There are so many moments in history which have left a huge impact on our lives and the lives of millions all over the world. And we think we know everything about world history, but we can always use a fresh perspective. Below are some of the most historically significant pictures which have changed the course of politics and culture, and need to be viewed in a different way from what we already know about them. Here are some pictures of history viewed in a different way .

1The first McDonald's line in Moscow


This picture was taken on January 31, 1990. You might think about this picture every time you eat out at McDonald's or even order out. Because the chain eatery's first opening in Moscow was something of a huge deal. People lined up for hours to eat there, as they probably were curious about what the eatery offers. It would take a few years for McDonald's would be ushered in as a family favourite, and the go-to Sunday outings for every family.

The first McDonald

Image Source: imgur.com

2A tired 5-year-old


If you feel strongly about child labour, this photo will stir up all the emotions in you. This picture was taken a decade before the Great Depression hit. A 5-year-old girl, after working all day, was tired and refused to be photographed. This picture was taken in 1911 in America and features a child labourer. She is tired after picking shrimp for several hours, as part of her manual labour, and her mother urges her to pose for the picture.

A tired 5-year-old

Image Source: www.meowgag.com

3Rocky and Ali


If you're a film buff you must have watched Rocky. This picture of Sylvester Stallone who immortalised the role of Rocky made a huge deal back then. The film was partially based on Muhammad Ali's life and Stallone and Ali made it a point to get cheeky on the stage of the Oscars when they mock-acted a boxing fight on the stage. If this picture would have happened today, it would have definitely gone viral. This picture was taken at the 1976 Academy Award when Stallone was nominated for the Best Actor award.

Rocky and Ali

Image Source: tumblr.com

4This touching picture


The picture below is perhaps the most tragic picture ever clicked, and yet it's filled with hope. This picture was taken at the concentration camp in Auschwitz in 1944, where people were regularly killed off under Nazi orders. Here, a child is seen handing a flower to another child, moments after the troupes arrived. It's important to note that moments after the picture was shot, all the people in the shot were put to death.

This touching picture

Image Source: cdninstagram.com

5The Titanic connect


This picture features a certain John Jacob Astor IV and his teenager wife Madeleine who is just 19-years-old, and their dog Kitty. They are headed towards their ill-fated journey in the Titanic in 1912. Jacob and the dog Kitty did not survive the tragedy. As you must know Titanic was hit by an iceberg and killed most of its passengers. Though Jacob and the dog did not survive the accident, Madeleine did survive and eventually gave birth to her and Jacob’s child.

The Titanic connect

Image Source: solacore.net

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