The Duchess of Sussex is a force to be reckoned with but she also had to go through awkward phases and bad hair days when she was younger. Here


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Meghan Markle is now a Duchess, but even the most beautiful Royals have awkward childhood photos and a number of odd jobs which they have had to do. Did you know that she was a briefcase girl on a game show? Or that she had messed up teeth as a child? Or that she had quite a few bad hair days as a teenager. And who can forget her photo in front of the Buckingham Palace?

Even Prince William and Harry have had to go through awkward childhood phases, and embarrassing moments, but since all the attention is on Meghan right now, we’ll focus on her. Here are some pictures from Meghan’s past which you must see.

1Fashion faux pas

As a child, Meghan wasn’t the best dresser, but most of us weren’t. What is the big deal? Well, most of us aren’t Royals now. But as an ‘80s kid, Meghan wore quite a few baggy denims and puff sleeves. For instance, have a look at this picture where Meghan is at a birthday party with a friend. She obviously didn’t have groomed hair like she now does, and is wearing a quite over the top pink shiny dress, but that’s how most of the kids dressed up back then. Meghan hardly knew these pictures were going to be splashed all over the media someday.

Fashion faux pas

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2No makeup


If you’re familiar with Meghan’s ever-changing makeup routine, you’ll see that it has gone through a massive evolution. Before she met Harry she was a makeup lover and would experiment with all sorts of trends and would often overdo it with the concealer. But now she has to be a lot careful with her makeup brushes, and we even saw her giving her concealer a miss on her wedding day, as her freckles were totally visible. But in this old picture, Meghan is seen without any makeup, and needless to say she totally pulls it off. But this picture would probably embarrass Meghan now.

Meghan Markle without makeup

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3Just something she threw on

The Duchess of Sussex, as Meghan is called now, is a total style icon. Meghan is not just famous for her chic fashion sense but also makes headlines for whatever she wears for each outing. But back in the day, when she was a teenager, she was not so mindful of her daily wear. In fact, a picture of Meghan with her friends has her wearing a random shirt which she could have found lying at the back of the closet. Wearing something like that now can cost Meghan and earn her some jibes. But 15 years ago, Meghan did not have fashion police following her every move.

Just something she threw on

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4We need to talk about the hair


Meghan Markle has the most beautiful and long dark hair. But as a teenager, she had a rather untamed mane. As Meghan grew up and got into the show business, she started styling her hair differently. As a kid and even as a teenager, she had really curly hair which gave her quite a few embarrassing pictures. This picture for instance, which has Meghan with a head full of wild curls. But as she tried her luck in Hollywood she smoothened out her hair, though she stuck to her colour. Now, Meghan has long, wavy black hair without any tangles or curls, and we wonder if she will ever go back to her curls. We have not had a curly haired royal before.

We need to talk about the hair

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5Prom night

Every Duchess deserves a special and glamorous prom night. And while Meghan Markle sure looks like she had fun, her prom photos are quite awkward. For starters, she did not have the best style as a teenager and opted for a very basic silk slip dress. Plus, she also went wrong with the makeup. Meghan is now a dominant force in the cocktail wear department and will definitely frown at this throwback pictures which has her wearing something which does not look like anything she would wear today for a night out with Prince Harry.

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