Our world is slowly heading to a darker place. These illustrations are an accurate description of what exactly we are becoming!


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Our world is a darker place. Humans are slowly losing the definition of humanity where everything is defined in terms of money, social status, tags, and commercialization. Our own lives are being commercialized as a race dependent on consumerism with a total disregard for compassion, humility and empathy because today it is the world of survival and akin to the laws of the jungle where it is every man for himself. To best describe such a situation in a satirical way, take a look at these images which best sum up our correct situation.

1We choke our oceans


A couple of centuries ago, we wouldn’t have needed conventions and movements to prevent marine pollution but rapidly advancing technology and mans laid-back attitude choking the seas and marine life.

We choke our oceans.


2Who are we fooling?


It is so easy to crap in someone else’s backyard not knowing we too are getting our own crap thrown back at us. Now we know why earth is going for a toss.

Who are we fooling

Image Source: wroops.com

3Toss out your plans


While a project may need a plan, life, in general, shouldn’t always be robotic. Enjoy the spontaneity of life.

Toss out your plans

Image Source: www.pinterest.com

4At least technology improves things


But forget about those fun classroom days

At least technology improves things

Image Source: wroops.com

5Who’s the boss


There is a difference between a leader and a boss as you can see from the image. A leader leads in the field.

Who’s the boss

Image Source: wroops.com

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