With the advent of social media networks, our addiction for phones has increased to a great extent and this has undoubtedly harmed our eyes a lot. People need to take proper care of eyes as they are among the most sensitive parts of human body and these tips are very much helpful for the same.


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Eyes are among the most important parts of human body as they help us in knowing what is going on around us. The importance of eyes can be understood by the fact that without them, our life will be completely dark. However, despite knowing their significance, many of us don’t take proper care of eyes and suffer from those conditions that could have been avoided by following some very simple tips.

The most common problems faced by eyes are itchiness, redness and pain and if you feel that your eyes are quite sensitive, you must take extra care of them.

Here are some helpful and effective tips:

1Correct reading style

Reading books is definitely one of the best habits that a person can have but it should also be ensured that the reading style is not harmful to eyes. First of all, there should be proper light arrangements where the person will sit and read as low lightning is harmful for the eyes. Secondly, a person should never read while sitting in moving vehicles as eyes get strained because the focus gets shifted and they need to try hard to read the text.

Correct reading style

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2Maintain eye hygiene


Avoid touching eyes with hands as there can be bacteria on hands which might be harmful for eyes and cause eye-infection. In fact, you should also avoid touching your eyes with the towel that you use to wipe your face. If anything goes inside eyes or you feel itchiness, wash your eyes with fresh, cold water.

Girl Washing Face

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3Protect eyes in sunlight

The rays of sun can also be harmful for eyes, especially in summers, so it is highly advisable to protect eyes by wearing sunglasses whenever going out. If a person doesn’t use sunglasses, he/she can suffer from eyes sunburn if remains outside for a longer duration. Also, don’t forget to wear goggles while you participate in winter sports.

Protect eyes in sunlight

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4Take proper sleep


Proper sleep is a must for a healthy mind and body and eyes also need proper rest that it can get only through good sleep. If a person is not able to get good sleep, it can cause eye fatigue and as a result, dark circles will be formed around eyes. Sleep deprivation can make eyes more sensitive and it will be more prone to diseases.

Take proper sleep

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5Keep on shifting focus

If your job involves working on a computer or laptops, it is highly advisable that you take a break in every 20-30 minutes to give rest to your eyes. Focusing on the screen for a very long time can be harmful for eyes as it can lead to strain in eye muscles. Looking at faraway objects can help in avoiding strain on eyes.

Keep on shifting focus

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