Heart problems can be many where there are always common signs and symptoms to show you when your heart is not working properly. Never ignore these 15 signs that you may be suffering heart failure.


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610,000 people die every year from different heart-related diseases. Poor lifestyles, no physical exercise, and unhealthy diets are the prime reasons for poor heart health increasing the risk of heart attacks. But besides these, there are other problems that can affect your heart. All of these symptoms mentioned below are indicators of poor heart health. The biggest problem is that people do not know how congestive heart failure where the muscles of the heart are weakened can also occur in several cases that can be regarded as heart disease.

Heart failure is also heart disease that not many people realize

Frequent use of OTC NSAIDs, diabetes, alcohol, high blood pressure, hypertension and viral infections can weaken the heart muscle resulting in inefficient pumping of blood. Heart failure like other heart problems also causes similar symptoms which is why even if you do not face certain heart problems, you should never write off such signs that you may be suffering from heart failure. The point here is that such symptoms common to all types of heart trouble should never be taken lightly. You should never ignore these 15 signs that your heart isn’t functioning properly and get a doctors checkup immediately.


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1Pain spreading throughout your arm


Women may start experiencing pain in both arms whereas men usually feel it in the left arm. Women may also experience elbow pain before a heart attack. The reason for this is due to the confusion experienced in the brain due to the several nerves of the spinal cord receiving the transmission of pain occurring in the body. This makes the brain think that your arm is paining instead of your heart.


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2A chronic cough

A chronic cough can be a marked symptom of cardiovascular disease. The mucous in this type of a cough may even be pink in color as a sign of traces of blood present in it. This is one of the signs of heart failure. Coughing can be a secondary symptom of dyspnea and loss of breath.


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3Swelling in the ankles, legs, and feet


In heart failure, the muscles are weakened and thus it stops functioning and pumping efficiently. This causes fluid in the blood vessels to leak into other tissues where the legs and feet are most affected due to gravity. The condition is termed peripheral edema which can even afflict people without heart disease. However, as this is a common warning sign of heart problems never neglect it and see a doctor.

Swelling in the ankles

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4Loss of appetite

There are several people suffering from heart disease who have reported a loss of appetite. This is because of poor metabolism, poor digestion, and lack of oxygen throughout the body and combined problems that cause poor appetite.


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