Study showed that height and the wife’s happiness had a correlation but it might not be strictly due to inches.


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Have you ever seen a short woman having a tall husband feeling happy in her life and marriage? If yes, then you will certainly believe the results of this study done in 2015, which found that a woman’s happiness is directly related to the height of her husband/partner. Dr. Kitae Sohn, a Professor at the Konkuk University of Seoul, South Korea, did a long-term population study among thousands of Indonesian women and came to the conclusion that shorter women and taller men had the happiest marriages because the women were happy in these relationships.

Yes, there was someone who wanted to know about this aspect of a happy relationship and we have for you the results of that research right here. Read on to know more about this interesting study.

1 Details of The Study

Dr. Kitae Sohn has done many researches on family, education, health and US History and has analyzed microdata of countries like the US, South Korea and particularly Indonesia. The study that we are talking about was done in Indonesia, where he collected and analyzed data from almost 7,850 women.

According to him, the notion that women preferred taller men because of evolutionary factors was already established, but what was unknown was that whether the height of a man actually made a woman happy or not. So, when he decided to study this aspect, he indeed found a correlation between the two.

Details of the study

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2 Interesting Results


When the result of the study came out, it didn’t just correlate a woman’s perceived happiness to the height of her husband; it came out with some interesting pointers as well. One of them being that the happiness of the woman which was related to the height of the man faded after 18 years of marriage. After this duration, a couple having a good difference in their height too had to make efforts like other couples to stay in a happy relationship.

Dr. Sohn says that the height of the man has a powerful impact on the wife’s psychology. According to him, women intrinsically value a taller man because they believe that he is much stronger. In fact, just the fact that they have attracted a tall man makes them happy because they are basically “happy when they get what they like.”

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3 Just Being Tall Is Not Enough!

If by the above-mentioned points you have started to believe that only height can make the relationship last longer, then we are sorry to burst your bubble of happiness. Dr. Sohn further explained that if a husband behaves badly with his wife, then his height will not be able to counter the effects of that kind of a behavior. And this can be the reason for that dwindling happiness effect, we talked about in the previous section of this article. With time, if a woman notices a change in her husband’s behavior, her happiness starts to decrease and after 18 years, his height will not make her happy if he is not keeping her happy through other aspects of the relationship.

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