This is a major development in diabetes control. Scientists have developed the first of its kind skin tattoo for diabetes that can change colors according to blood sugar levels and the need for insulin.


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11Know the ABC of diabetes

When it comes to managing your condition as a diabetic, the most vital thing to do is know about your condition. Learning the ABC of diabetes such as the A1C blood test to measure average blood sugar levels over a period of the last three months. This is different from the regular blood sugar test. Your A1C goal level should be below 7.

Know the ABC of diabetes

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12Blood pressure


Keeping your blood pressure in check is extremely important for diabetes. High blood pressure puts extra stress on the heart, puts you at risk of stroke and can damage your kidneys. Your blood pressure level should be 140/90 but this can change according to individuals so your doctor will know best the ideal level for you.

Blood pressure

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As you know there are two types of cholesterol. Low-density cholesterol which is LDL or the bad cholesterol and High-density cholesterol which is HDL, the good cholesterol. You need to maintain a healthy diet to keep your HDL levels high and your LDL levels low. Bad cholesterol creates plaque and artery blockage further causing strain on your heart.


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When you have diabetes, you need to maintain a healthy diet which is extremely important. Consult with a nutritionist to make a healthy meal plan for you. Diabetic diets take into account individual needs according to health conditions. But, the general requirement is to eat fibre rich foods like whole grains and cereals, low-fat skim milk low-calorie foods and healthy fats. Avoid sugar, unhealthy carbs, Tran’s fats, saturated fats and fruit juices.


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15Be active

Activity is by far one of the important things to do when having diabetes. Make a goal for yourself to be active at least 5 days a week. Walking is perhaps the best exercise for you but starts with 15 to 20 minutes a day and gradually increase. Do strength exercises twice a week such as heavy gardening, digging or stretch bands and yoga. Maintain a healthy BMI and weight. Watch the dermal abyss tattoo in action.

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