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There are many household products which have secret qualities that you're unaware of, from beer to lime juice. But what if we tell you that there's something sitting in your bathroom shelf which has multiple uses and can actually turn out to be an incredible life hack.

Listerine the must-have mouthwash is not just necessary before stepping out of the house but can also help you around the house. Do you know Listerine is a total multipurpose commodity and actually helps you get rid of dandruff and improves your skin and hair. Let's have a look at what Listerine can do for you.

1What is Listerine?

The brand of trusted antiseptic mouthwash is used by millions of people around the world. It helps in improving dental hygiene and kills germs which cause bad breath. It also kills cavity and is one of the most effective oral health products which is widely accepted since it's also pretty economical. You'll probably find a Listerine in every two out of three bathrooms.

What is Listerine

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2Listerine for your feet


Ditch the professional pedicure and opt for a Listerine treatment at home. Soaking your feet in Listerine for 20 minutes can rejuvenate feet and deal with the dry areas and also give your feet a fresh look. Do you know that Listerine can also be created to cure cracked heels? If you have severely cracked ankles, soak them in a tub of Listerine everyday and wait to see the difference. Listerine has a chemical which is a lot like salicylic and helps cure infections.

Listerine for your feet

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3Fix the fungus

Dipping your feet in Listerine can also cure your toenail fungus. It is especially useful as toenail infections are often very tricky to deal with and requires medical attention.

Fix the fungus

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4Clean your toilet


Listerine is an incredible toilet cleanser and helps in keeping the toilet area fresh. Many people don't want to use toxic chemicals on their toilets especially since it comes in direct contact with their bodies. Using Listerine to clean the toilets not only gets the dirt out also helps with the smell.

Clean your toilet

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5Cure the sting with Listerine

Listerine can be used as a smoothening potion. In the event of mosquito bite or insect bite or even in itches related to infection or rash, you should try curing them with Listerine. Apply the mouthwash over the affected area until the itching reduces.

Listerine reduces itching

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