12 Things parents should not do for their kids


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A kid isn’t a robot that can be made to eat, walk, talk, and behave with a remote. But all the same, parents in their enthusiasm and zeal for doing the right thing and being a good parent end up trying to control their kids a bit too much making several parenting mistakes that may have been considered right in earlier days. Without knowing, you could be hurting your child or breaking his confidence or even making him feel insecure. There are many parents whose behavior could also create a sense of mistrust and insecurity in children. Here are 11 things that parents shouldn’t do for kids.

1 Speaking for your kids

When you talk for your kids, it limits their ability to think spontaneously and come up with answers relevant to the questions asked of them. Moreover if children aren’t allowed to speak for themselves, they end up copying your personality, behavior, and style of communication using your exact same response and words. Children need to think and speak for themselves to help them develop their own personalities and character. It’s ok to drop hints now and then when they may fumble for words but always speaking for them is a big No NO. 

Speaking for your kids

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2You don’t need to be friends with them


There are several parents who think that to get along with a child you need to be friends to gain their trust. This is a huge mistake because what you don’t know is this! In spite of times when you feel your child isn’t listening to you or not communicating much, it doesn’t mean you are a nonexistent entity in their lives. A parent is a child’s biggest pillar of security and you as a parent are usual the first person a child learns to trust.

Parents need to be parents and they are there to protect kids. If you constantly worry about whether your kid likes you or not, then perhaps you are confused in your roles. Kids receive their security from a figure of authority which is you. The same emotional feelings cannot be given by a friend. Moreover, once you become a friend. How on earth will you discipline your child when the need arises? They won’t take you seriously.

be careful

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3Wants vs. Needs

This is a problematic issue where many parents make a classic mistake. When a child wants something, many parents will not oblige saying that the child doesn’t need it. This again confuses the child which has just got the message that their needs and desires aren’t important and necessary to have.

Wants vs. Needs

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The better approach

A better idea or approach would be to explain to children what they really need and what they don’t. When a child asks you for something, before refusing flatly, find out whether it is a necessity which it most probably may turn out to be. There is no harm in occasionally buying a product that may have caught your child’s eye if it isn’t too expensive.

The better approach

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4Assisting your kids in every little thing


There are many parents who can’t stop taking over their children’s school projects or even their homework. This prevents a child from absorbing intelligence and also understanding the repercussions or results good or bad of any given situation. By doing so you have prevented your child from assessing negative situations and valuing positive results from work well done. Your child learns nothing.

Three-year-olds in fact, can even put on their own shoes, take out their clothes and wear them, but what some parents end up doing is dressing the child until they are to be married. 

Assisting your kids in every little thing

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