Tibetan model looks like the characters from Avatar and has been creating ripples in the modeling world.


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Gone are the days when only conventional and classical beauties ruled the ramp. The modeling world has become a place where people with unconventional looks are also leaving their mark. Today, we are talking about this specific Tibetan model named, Tsunaina who has become a sensation with her strikingly beautiful and unique facial features. Just take a look at her photographs and you will know what we mean.

1 ‘Out of the world’ features

Quite rightly, her features are being termed as ‘out of the world.’ She is a beauty in the most unconventional of terms and that is what makes her so appealing. We have not seen lips that are as perfectly pouty as hers. She has amazingly slanted eyes and numerous beauty marks over her face, which looks perfectly crafted because of the chiseled jaw-line. Wait till you see the most striking feature of her face.

‘Out of the world’ features

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2That Nose and the bridge


This is what we and the entire modeling world are talking about. Not everyone in this world has such features and finding a nose like that is almost an impossible task. This is what makes Tsunaina so attractive and unique. If you are wondering where have you seen a nose like that then check out the next segment of this article.

That Nose and the bridge

Image Source: stackpathdns.com

3Here is your answer

Yes, this is the character many in the world are getting reminded of, after looking at Tsunaina’s pictures. Her fans have actually been comparing her features to Neytiri from the blockbuster movie Avatar. What do you say?

Here is your answer

Image Source: thr.com

4Where was she founded?


Descending from Tibet, Tsunaina lives in the UK and was chosen by a random stroke of luck. Just like many models who are contacted by modeling agencies after they see them roaming on the street, she too was scouted from the streets only and from that moment onwards, there has been no looking back for her.

Where was she founded?

Image Source: www.elitereaders.com

5Not as tall as other models

Standing at 5’5, she certainly doesn’t have the height that is mostly required in the modeling world. But, her unique beauty is what compensates for that angle as well. Let’s be honest, she does look like a total stunner even if she doesn’t have that tall frame.

Not as tall as other models

Image Source: znews-photo-td.zadn.vn

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