There are certain surprising characteristics of a man that women actually find very appealing. These are 15 things that make men appear very attractive to women.


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Tall dark and handsome isn’t necessarily the three words to describe the type of men women are attracted too. There are a lot of other factors at play when it comes to liking men or having a thing for a particular type of man. Given the fact that women do love masculine men with flowing locks, but they also like men with certain personality traits as well. While one cannot accurately guess what makes men appear attractive to women, the experts have found out certain things that men do, say, wear or behave that women find irresistible. Here are the 15 things that women find most attractive in men.

1 It isn’t always muscular bodies and toned muscles

Most men are always conscious about their bodies and every man secretly wants that toned handsome body but it isn’t always the case. There are many women who may love that little paunch of their boyfriend. It has also been found that many women are attracted to daddy figures or dad bod as it is called. Thus men should not always worry about not having that perfect bod, there are women who will love you for less.

It isn’t always muscular bodies and toned muscles

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2Sleepy voice


Men may feel conscious speaking to women and will in most cases only speak when he is fresh and normal, but women love that dreamy sleepy voice too which they find very attractive, so work on that and your gal will love it.

Sleepy voice

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3Veins peaking through muscles

You may not like the idea of your veins showing through your biceps, or parts of your body, but the fact is women find the appearance of veins peeking through muscles quite attractive. While some women may not find it appealing, there are many who find that masculine worked out look infinitely attractive.

Veins peaking through muscles

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4Handy men


Regardless of your figure, lazy men are turn offs for many women. Women love a man who is useful around the house, someone who can repair a socket, fix the sink, help them with shopping or cooking. Dependable men are always attractive, period.

Handy men

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5Facial hair

There are many women who find a bit of stubble on men really attractive. Others may also love that beard (it shouldn’t be unkempt though). A beard is also a symbol of masculinity and those sporting facial hair are bound to get second looks from women.

Facial hair

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