There are certain surprising characteristics of a man that women actually find very appealing. These are 15 things that make men appear very attractive to women.


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11Men who smell good, with and without cologne

Women like the natural scent of a man. Everyone has a natural odor of their own even when they aren’t sweaty. If you want to smell nice and pleasing for a woman, you have to lay off junk food and eat a healthy dose of fruits and vegetables that detoxify your system of crap that makes you smell bad instead.

Men who smell good, with and without cologne

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12Nerdy Tendencies


If you get a chance to show your intellectual skills to a woman, it can be a turn on and attractive. You don’t have to look or display the intelligence of a scientist as there are different types of intelligence, if you have a passion for art or music, just show it. Even if you are a street smart guy, let that be an open aspect of your personality. Show your nerdy side, women love it as it could be their complete package.

Nerdy Tendencies

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13Men who don’t freak out about period

With all the education and modernization, there are several men out there in the world who freak out on a woman having her period. They tend to act as if it is alien, unnatural and to some extent dirty. But, it is a natural phenomenon that all women go through, and when you understand that and are also supportive of the problems that come with it; this can be very attractive to a woman.

Men who don’t freak out about period

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14Smell of sweat on a hard working day


When you come home from a hard day of work all sweaty, you may tend to avoid a woman as you wouldn’t want to be smelly. Surprisingly though, some women will like that sweaty smell of yours that is a symbol of your hardworking nature.

Smell of sweat on a hard working day

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15Older Men

Women are definitely attracted to older mature men. Thus even if you are of the same age, you should display some sense of maturity that all women like in a man. Men who are experienced in the ways of life and are focused on what they are doing will appear attractive to women who look to such older men as a guide and a crutch to help them face life‘s difficulties and hardships.

Older Men

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