These are 14 vegetables that should never be eaten raw because they may be either dangerous for your health or cooking increases their nutritional values which aren’t available when raw.


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Eating a lot of vegetables is considered as the best way of eating healthy. As soon as summer comes, it is worth buying mostly farm grown supplies from shelves of a grocery shop. It is said that the more colorful the vegetable, the more the number of nutrients it provides. But how would you know if your body is getting the promised nutrients? Many of us consume raw vegetables raw like carrots, lettuce cucumbers, among a number of veggies. But there are some vegetables which are required to be cooked so that it can provide sufficient nutrients for maintaining the level of your health. You will be surprised in knowing that there are several veggies that you should never eat raw which you most probably are. Here is a list of 10 vegetables which are required to be cooked before eating and should never be eaten raw.

1 Asparagus

Consuming raw asparagus won’t affect you in a bad way but though you may find it hard to cook this stalky and thin vegetable, cooking it provides your body with more nutrients which are required for fighting cancer. You should try having it with lemon juice and olive oil.


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Mushrooms contain nutrients which provide a good amount of potassium but you can receive more of its nutrients if you grill, sauté or roast and eat them. You can add mushrooms to your homemade pizza, pasta dish, etc as it is flexible and easy to cook, and this can add an additional value to the nutrients supplied to your body.


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Although eating raw tomatoes with sandwiches and salads taste pretty good but if you consume cooked tomatoes, more lycopene will be absorbed by your body. It is not advisable to eat tomatoes raw. Lycopene contains properties which fight against cancer. You should make sure that your tomatoes are either cooked as a sauce or stewed like a soup.


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Eating raw potatoes doesn’t suit anyone’s tongue and you aren’t supposed to eat raw potatoes. Anti-nutrients and toxins are present in raw potatoes which can be harmful to your body; you can also have digestion problems because of the starch if potatoes are uncooked. You should roast, boil or bake potatoes.


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5Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts should never be consumed raw because of flatulence. You can experience bloating and a lot of gas if you eat this vegetable raw. It is best to fry it in olive oil along with a bit of salt; this will improve its flavor and be easy for you to digest.

Brussels sprouts

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