These are 14 vegetables that should never be eaten raw because they may be either dangerous for your health or cooking increases their nutritional values which aren’t available when raw.


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You wouldn’t want to eat a raw olive, even though it isn’t poisonous or sickening. Oleuropein is a compound present in raw fresh olives from the tree which gives it a bitter taste. Olives need to undergo the process of bringing and then only It becomes edible and achieve the taste it is known for.


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Eggplant should never be eaten raw because it contains a compound called solanine which also makes raw potatoes unsafe. Young eggplant especially contain higher quantities of it and eating the vegetable raw can lead to severe gastrointestinal issues and even solanine poisoning. Always cook eggplant and eat as it is safer.


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This is undoubtedly surprising as many feel that it is quite healthy to consume raw carrots. But while that isn’t a problem, it is much better to boil carrots which will increase the anti-oxidant value and help the vegetable retain its vitamin C and carotenoids the beneficial compounds found in carrots. Studies found all other cooking methods decreased the nutritional values of the vegetable.


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Pumpkins too should never be consumed raw even though they are a good source of finer and anti-oxidants. Studies have found that cooking pumpkin releases lycopene and carotenoids which reduces the risk of cancer, hypertension, diabetes and a host of health conditions.


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