Those who are struggling to lose weight. These 15 scientifically proven methods will surely help you speedup the  process


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Obesity is slowly increasing worldwide with statistics revealing a figure of almost 1.9 billion people overweight till 2017. The US accounts for the most number of obese people in comparison to the rest of the world with 35% of the population more obese than overweight. Losing weight isn’t impossible but the only obstacle in the way of losing weight is lack of commitment and dedication to start doing what you should and avoiding what you shouldn’t do or eat. Here are 10 ways to start you off on your weight loss goals as proven methods of weight loss.

1Eat before meals

Studies have proved that if you eat even a bowl of soup before a meal it can help curb your appetite to some extent where you eat less of your main meal. The thing is eating warm soup slowly by allowing it to cool triggers signals to your brain and stomach to coordinate a message between each that you are satiated or full. 

Eat before meals

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2Increase the spice


This is good news for those who like spicy food which is effective in increasing metabolism to 8%. This in turn increases the calorie burning in your body. Spicy food also makes you eat slower than usual and so you won’t be gobbling down larger portions of food. Eating slow also benefits metabolism. 

Increase the spice

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3 Eat healthier snacks

Eat healthy snacks but not at meal times. Yes, in order to lose weight you may have made the mistake of elongating the period between meals but that isn’t right. If you wait to eat till you are hungry, you may end up eating more than usual. This is why in any weight loss programme, dieticians advocate eating more often in lesser quantities.

Healthy snacks should consist of items like whole wheat crackers, avocado and scrambled eggs on whole grain toast, low-fat cheese, sliced apples, almonds and the like. Keeping these on hand and consuming them at regular intervals will do much for your weight loss routine.

Eat healthier snacks

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4 Get adequate sleep


It cannot be emphasized enough that sleep is vital for losing weight. The main reason for sleep is to help your body and metabolism function as it should. Research found that those on weight loss diets who slept well ate 6% less calories than those who didn’t. 

Get adequate sleep

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5Drink Green tea

While drinking water is necessary, tea is also one of the best drinks for weight loss. Tea should always be drunk without milk and while black tea is good, green tea is even better as it is full of antioxidants and promotes weight loss. Green tea without sugar is extremely good for health and can be taken with ingredients like ginger, parsley, or lemon for several health benefits including reducing your risk of cancer. 

Drink Green tea

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